Annual Report of year 2008
Tetsu Nakamura

December, 2008
1.Irrigation Program
1) Marwarid Canal

1. We have completed main canal till 20km point out of 23.6km by the end of 2008.

2. Total 3,380m branch canals have been extended, successfully irrigating estimated 1,130 hectares at upper Sheiwa and Shigi by the end of 2008.

3. Number of planted trees became over 200,000 in 2008. At Gamberi Desert, we have started planting trees along 2.5 km for protection against sandy wind.

4. In 2008, we have concentrated to protection work against rain with downpours along the Marwarid Canal. Protection work was done at Dara-e Noor. Devices of taking rainy water into the canal were arranged.
* The details are on attached progress report.

2) Construction of Inlet at Sheiwa Canal
We have completed the Inlet of Sheiwa Canal in March 2008. Supply of agriculture water for whole Sheiwa is now secured.
– The details are on attached paper.

3) Repair of Inlet at Besud Canal
Whole Nangarhar Province is suffering from shortcoming of water, especially in winter season because of abnormally low water level. PMS repeated repair of Inlet Besud, according to recommendation of Irrigation Deptt.

Both of the inlets at Kunar River and Kabul River have been repaired in 2008.
The details are on attached paper.

4) Construction of Inlet at Main Kama Canal
PMS emergently started construction of Kama Inlet with request of Irrigation Deptt. on 14 December 2008, for its main canal had dried up since November 2008. The details shall be reported to Irrigation Department after completing it.

2.Agriculture program
The previous pilot farms of PMS was shifted down from Dara-e Noor to upper Shigi (Gamberi) because of security problem. One of the Japanese PMS workers was abducted and killed in August 2008, although the program shall be continued in larger scale at Upper Shigi Area. We are aiming increase of food production practically. The details shall be reported after all setup is done.

3.Madrassa for Kuz-Kunar Area
Construction of District Madrassa was started in March 2008, PMS is aiming to complete its main components (masjid and class-rooms) by the end of March 2009, with collaboration of local community. The construction of the dormitory may be considered as a next yearfs plan.

Ongoing construction is as follows;

1) Masjid;
floor space ; approx.860 square meters,

height; ‡@main hall 7m, ‡Adome 10m, ‡Bminaret 16m

underground base; 3.0m depth concrete with iron beams

structure of wall; thickness 400mm, covered with bricks

2) Class Rooms;
floor space ; approx.1,373 square meters, (12 class rooms, 1 library, 3 teachers room)

height; 3.0m

underground base; 1.0m depth concrete with iron beams on stone layer

structure of wall; thickness 350mm, covered with bricks

3)Planned and constructed by; PMS
The main map and financial report is on attached paper.

4. Dara-e Noor Clinic
See attached document.

5. Well Program
Main achievement is on attached document.

In December 2008, we have winded up the program because of difficult management for maintenance. Existing approx.1,500 wells have been handed over to schools, masjid and local communities so that they were maintained by themselves.

Marwarid Canal has been extended up till 20.0 km in 2008. Main effort was done for increasing irrigation area and planting trees.

Dried soil turned into green field.
( photo; irrigated land by the branch stream from the Zone O.
(24 Dec.2008 at 19.1km point)

P-pond (reservoir at 20km point, 10 Jan. 2009)

device of protection against local downpour (intake method); at 18km point
photo;27 Nov. 2008

Opening Zone N (2.6 km) ; 24 May, 2008, till 18.0 km (17 May 2008)

Opened second Shigi Branch (1.6km long) have started
irrigating upper Shigi Area. (18 Nov.2008)

Opened Shetrau Branch (300m) at 5.2km point.(April,2008)

Planting trees was also done with the help of irrigation department in large scale in 2008. This is mainly for protecting our canal and villages from downpour and sandy wind.

making a wood to protect from downpour. 3 years after planting. at 5.8 km point.

Planting Gaz 2.5 km long. (at Gamberi Desert, photo; 19 Jan.2009)

In 2008, the water level of the river became abnormally low in whole province. PMS started repair of inlets in cooperation with local government and community.

Repair work of Besud Inlet (Kunar River). Done in December 2008.

Banking up the water level again. 17 Dec. 2008

Repair of Besud Inlet (Kabul River). Done in July 2008.

Local villagers actively joined our work. 25 July,2008

Gabion work successfully raised the water level. 25 July,2008

Kama Inlet was started on 12 December, still under construction.

oblique banking method with riprap (24 Jan.2009); L=150m, W=20-40m

Kama water gate under construction (24 Jan.2009); overflowing board system

Sheiwa Canal had been dried up in winter season since 2006. It used to be totally dependent on Marwarid Canal. PMS constructed new inlet in 2008.

Constructing bank and water gate. (3 February 2008)

Completed first water gate (overflowing plates system) , 16 March 2008

second gate at the end of sand-sedimentation pond. (16 March 2008)

The completed Sheiwa Inlet and re-excavated previous stream(1.5km)

Construction of madrassa at Sheiwa District was started in March 2008.

preparing the land for construction (2 April 2008)

progress of construction (December, 2008)

the front view of Masjid (10 Jan. 2009)

class rooms under construction (10 Jan. 2009)

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