Annual Report 2010 harf year
July 28 ,2010

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1.Irrigation Program

A) Marwarid Canal

@ We have completed main canal thorough out 25.5 km (1.3km is added at the end.) The opening ceremony was held on 8 February, 2010, attended by the main members of Nangarhar Government and Japanese representatives. However, still many repair works and appurtenant work remained, continuing our work for another 7 years.

A The main drainage from Gamberi Dessert to Kunal River is still under construction.
This work started from March 2009 and existing drainage has been widened and deepened to increase the capacity of flow rate. As a result, whole wet land which had been present for decades of years, almost dried up. By the end of June 2010, majority of the farmers have come back to start cultivating their rehabilitated land. Now construction of the drain is still going on, making the bridges, small irrigation aqueducts, road for dredging etc. at the place. (see attached map and documents)

B From January to June 2010, 96,425 trees were planted. Total number of planted trees became over 400,000 along whole canal by the end of June 2010, although more than half of them requires watering still now.
* The details are on attached progress report.

B) Construction of Inlet at Main Kama Canal

PMS emergently started construction of Kama Inlets by requests of Irrigation Department on 14 December 2008, for its main two canals had dried up since November 2008. The construction of the first inlet has been completed on 15 February, 2009. We carried out repair works in January and February 2010. Regarding as the second gate, temporary repair was done from January to March in 2010. Now they are under observation to look into the condition in summer season. PMS is planning to complete the second water gate as well as some repair work of first one in this coming winter.

2. Agriculture program

The previous pilot farm of PMS was shifted down from Dara-e Noor to upper Shigi (Gamberi) because of security problem in 2009. It has started again with larger scaled manner after bringing water by Marwarid Canal. Rapeseed and alfalfa were seeded as green manure several hectares from Feb. to April in 2010, followed by growing water melon, peanuts, rice, cotton and corn at total 22 hectares by the end of June 2010.

3. Construction of Madrassa

Construction of District Madrassa was started in March 2008, PMS has completed main components (mosque and class rooms) by the end of January 2010, handed over to proper authority on 8 February 2010. Now construction of dormitory is going on.

4. Dara-e Noor Clinic

See attached document.

The largest reservoir in the canal ( Zone Q2, around 20km from the inlet) with length 330m, width 200m.
(photo; 28 June 2010)

Zone Q2 & Q3. View from upper side. The long embankment has ; height 8-17m, length 900m, width of base 50-160m. Drain work at lower steps.
(photo;17 July 2010)

Planting rice at Gamberi Desert ( 22 June 2010) 2 hectares is used for rice field in 2010. Comparison study about amount of crop with several species shall be done as a trial in this year.

Water Melon Product. Several kinds of seeds have been compared.
(photo;27 June 2010)

Growing gaz(red willow) forest against sandy wind and heat at Gamberi Desert. Total area of gaz trees is 5.5km in length, 50-100m in width.
(photo;27 June 2010)

Change of wet land. Dredging work was dramatically effective, sweeping away whole wet land in one year. Wet damage is almost over.
Photos of the same portion shows difference. ( Shigi Village near to Karatek and Kunadey Village)
(top  photo; 27 May 2009)

(bottom  photo; 15 July 2010)

Front view of the mosque. Handed over to the authority on 8 February 2010. Now we are developing the garden surrounding place.
(photo; 22 July 2010)

Kama Inlets in flood. The highest HWL was recorded on 22 July 2010. Although serious damage did not happen, PMS is planning to radical repair work in winter season.

Dr. Tetsu Nakamura
Director, Peace (Japan) Medical Services

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